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Jannah Hotels & Resorts To Support World No Tobacco Day

The award-winning Jannah Hotels & Resorts will support World Health Organization’s (WHO) World No Tobacco Day campaign.

Annually held on 31 May, World No Tobacco Day will have this year’s theme “Tobacco – a threat to development,” demonstrating the threats the tobacco industry poses to the sustainable development of all countries.

Considered as the pioneer in offering Halal-friendly environment, Jannah Hotels & Resorts strongly supports the movement. The company’s talents will start the campaign among themselves, refraining from smoking for a day on the 31st.

Jannah Hotels & Resorts understands Halal tourism is the fastest growing sector in the hospitality industry; and seeing this growth, Jannah responds to the increasing demand for Halal alternatives for the rapidly growing Halal market, taking care of the important components: Halal food, availability of prayer rugs and the Qiblah direction highlighted in all rooms and suites, and an alcohol-free environment.

“It is our corporate social responsibility to support every environmental and social campaign, and we make sure our efforts are always based on our brand’s Al Ihsan foundation, which believes the reward of goodness is the result of goodness done,” said Jannah Hotels & Resorts chief operating officer Mohamed Hani Fakih.

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