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Jannah Hotels & Resorts Brings Innovative Awareness On World Environment Day

Jannah Hotels & Resorts launched an awareness campaign surrounding the increasing number of endangered wildlife species, for World Environment Day, observed on 5 June, 2016.

The official cause chosen for World Environment Day 2016 is the illegal hunting and trade of wildlife animals. Jannah Hotels and Resorts have introduced a three-point competition to spread awareness on illegal trade of wildlife animals.

Step 1 Hunt: Using their creativity, children must device a solution to the prolonging problem that is illegal trade of wildlife animals. Their idea must be presented in the form of a drawing.

Step 2 Trade: Participants must submit their entries to the Karims in either Jannah Burj Al Sarab or Jannah Place Abu Dhabi on the 5th of June.

Step 3 Protect: Participants will receive an animal soft toy and a complimentary dinner voucher at The Dining Room in Jannah Burj Al Sarab. Additionally, the drawings will be posted on the Jannah Hotels & Resorts’ social media handles.

The hotel brand’s chief executive officer, Nehme Imad Darwiche said, “It is important that we sustain, preserve and nurture our world for future generations. It is also our hope to educate the young with our World Environment Day campaign to respect and appreciate wildlife and animals so that they can, in turn, do their part.”

About Jannah Hotels and Resorts:

Jannah Hotels and Resorts was born and raised in the Liwa Desert of the United Arab Emirates. Founded on the spirit of the noble Bedouin hospitality and pioneered with an infrastructure that is innovative, creative and dynamic, it has blossomed into the hotel management company of choice.

Offering leading proprietary technology and evolutionary programmes, the company offers intelligent and efficient hotel management services that are focused on ensuring properties managed under the Jannah Hotels & Resorts brand’s reach their operating potential in every aspect.

Properties in the portfolio also include Jannah Eastern Mangroves Suites, Jannah Place Abu Dhabi, Jannah Marina Bay Suites, and Jannah Place Dubai Marina.

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