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Dubai World Records

Dubai is the city of extraordinary events and things from the world’s biggest shopping mall to the largest building. One of the many reasons to visit Dubai is that this city does not shy away from challenges. When it comes to breaking world records, Dubai is always on the frontline with big things and ideas.

Understanding the Origin of World Records

Guinness World Records was originally known as the Guinness Book of Records, which started as an idea for a book about facts to solve problems in pubs. The idea was championed by Sir Hugh Beaver in the 1950s, who was the MD of the Guinness Brewery.

He was attending a shooting party in County Wexford where he had an argument with the host about the fastest game bird in Europe. However, they failed to find an answer in the reference book. This is where the idea of writing a fact book was birthed. This book became an all-time best seller. The authors traveled long distances to check facts and decide whether the potential record-holders were worth a space in the book. Record holders get certificates, but not all records are included in the book.

World Records in Dubai

Dubai World Records

When you visit Dubai, you will not miss a spectacle that holds your sight or thoughts. Below are some of the world records that are exclusive to the city:


Dubai is full of big things; for instance, Dubai International Airport, which is the world’s busiest, received 8.2 million passengers in August 2018. This was due to the seasonal rush of tourists. The passenger numbers rose up to 6.6% compared to August 2017, where the visitors were 7.7 million. Regardless of being the busiest airport in the world, this aeroport has all the facilities that you need. You can either check into a hotel in Dubai or enjoy the outstanding facilities at the terminus. For instance, the Majlis who help you through check-ins, baggage clearance, and immigration.

Burj Khalifa

When you visit Dubai, you have to catch a glimpse of the world’s tallest building called the Burj Khalifa. The structure stands at 2,717 feet tall and has 160 floors. The viewing deck is located on the 124th floor. Don’t spend the day in your hotel in Dubai, get out and tour the building that holds several world records; for instance, the highest restaurant, the tallest human-made superstructure, and the tallest lift in a building. Burj Khalifa has also served as a platform for other world record attempts, the quickest time to climb the building by bicycle (2 hrs. 20 min 38 sec) and the highest base jump from a building.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is probably the first thing you think of when you visit Dubai. The structure is exceptionally tall and towers at 321 meters high 14 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower. This hotel in Dubai has some of the exceptional Eiderdown comforters in the world. The down is picked from abandoned Eider duck nests in Iceland. The hotel has a pillow menu where visitors can choose any of the 9 types of pillows available. Burj Al Arab has also broken a number of world records apart from being the tallest all-suite hotel in the world; it broke the world record of having the most expensive cocktail in 2008. In 2016, it had the world’s largest tin of caviar.

Burj Al Arab is a wonder and only the finest materials were sought to complete the interior. For instance, custom-made carpets and rugs from India and South Africa; marble from Italy and Brazil; wooden doors from Dubai, and chandeliers from the UK. 1,790 square meters of 24-karat gold leaf was used to decorate the interior.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is magnificent with great features such as the largest indoor aquarium in the world. The acrylic panel holds the world record for being one of a kind, and it weighs more than 245,000. The tank holds a capacity of 10 million liters of water. There is a variety of marine life, such as sharks stingrays, birds, reptiles, and even penguins. There is a dolphinarium where you can spend time with your family. The mall has the largest sweet shop in the world with chocolate, sweets, and lollipops. There are also 22 screen flagship reel cinemas. Dubai mall offers an extraordinary movie experience that takes you inside the story. There are around 1200 shops inside this mega mall, and you cannot visit all of them in a day.

Dubai Fountain

When you visit Dubai, you are signing up for memorable experiences and an exciting time, that is why you ought to see the world-famous musical fountain showcase. Leave your hotel in Dubai and explore this magnificent wonder, which boasts of 6,600 lights with 25 color projectors, and music to match.

Dubai Fountain has the most dynamic water jets that can blast water to almost 150 meters in the air. The display is even more spectacular when music and color are added. The lighting is eye-catching and can be seen from 20km or more away. The fountain propels up to 83,000 liters of water in the air at any given moment. The pressure required to do this creates an audible boom which makes the experience unforgettable. You can choose to watch this spectacle from the ground or above either way; you end up with an amazing experience.

Palm Jebel Ali

Another reason to visit Dubai is to see Palm Jebel Ali, which is located Jebel Ali port. With 17 palms it is home to marinas, Sea village, and residences in the crescent. The trunk is unique and contains communication channels, homes, and canals. Upon completion, it is expected to hold a capacity of 250,000 people.


When you visit Dubai, you are in for big and new things – that is why the city has many world records. The city is always growing and does not back out of any challenges. Dubai has the world tallest free-standing structure, the most luxurious hotel, the busiest airport, the largest indoor aquarium, and many other spectacular wonders.