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Travel in Dubai: Money and Budget

There is no doubt that Dubai is among the top favored tourist destinations around the world. Different people who choose to travel in Dubai have different objectives such as shopping, visiting different tourist sites like the museums, and for entertainment purposes such as sky diving. Whatever your reasons for visiting, you need to draw a clear budget in Dubai so that you can track how you use money as well as spend within your means. Budgeting as an expat is also important to ensure that you are able to live a comfortable life in Dubai and to cater for any unexpected occurrences.

The following tips will help you to enjoy your life with minimum expenditure:


Although Dubai is an elegant city to visit with state of the art technology, beautiful architecture, and rich culture, it is actually possible to enjoy yourself within a simple budget.

While traveling to Dubai you will be required to use UAE Dirham so it necessary that you visit a bank or a currency exchange institution in the airport to change your cash or cheque. Since you will be staying for several weeks, a good way to save money is by using your credit card to pay for your food and accommodation. This way you will enjoy several discounts. On a tight budget you should be able to spend less than $1,800 for two weeks. Below is an estimate:

Flights: $500

Accommodation: $700

Transportation: $90

Entertainment: $170

Shopping: $50

The following tips will help you to navigate through this exquisite city on your budget:

Choose an Affordable Hotel
For your travel to Dubai to go as planned, you have to research and find affordable accommodation and meals. Although Dubai is known for its big and luxurious hotels, there are other affordable hotels that provide excellent services and guaranteed comfort.

Save on Food and Transport
Getting local and international dishes within your budget in Dubai is achievable because you don’t have to visit expensive hotels. There are local places that specialize in different cuisines and gourmets. For example, you can easily find Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern places during your travel in Dubai.

A good way to save on transport is to rent a bike or use a metro. These options are great alternatives compared to taxis. The fact that these are the cheapest metros in the world means that you don’t have to worry about travelling within your budget in Dubai.

Free Entertainment
It is quite unbelievable to even think that you can find free things in Dubai because many people visit Dubai to spend money. Some of the places you can find free entertainment include the Camel Museum where you will learn all about camels and their significance to the local people. If camels do not interest you, there are other entertainments; for example, you can experience Dubai’s Culture for free. You will be able to view the people’s heritage and their rich culture through their pottery, traditional weaving techniques and other crafts.

Dubai has several public beaches that are free for everybody. They have cafes, restaurants, and juice bars on various beaches to ensure that you enjoy yourself without worrying about hunger or dehydration.

Affordable Entertainment
Although there are platforms providing free entertainment, they might not always be what you want. This doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy yourself within a budget in Dubai. There are places you can go to like Dubai Museum which is very affordable because it only costs 3 dirhams and 1 dirham for adults and children respectively.

Although Dubai is known to be a city of many luxuries, it is still possible to live and enjoy yourself within a budget. Many people are not aware that there are pocket-friendly hotels and entertainment services available in Dubai. If you are an expat, there are several adjustments you can make to your daily routine to minimize your overall expenditure.

Getting a monthly income can tempt you to spend on unnecessary items and entertainment; however, with discipline, you will be able to decide how to use your money wisely. These tips will guide you on your endeavor to live within your budget:

Open a Bank Account
In order to manage your money, it is necessary that you open a savings account with a reliable bank. Depositing a little amount every month will provide you with a source of funds when you need it most. A good way to get more funds than you deposit is to choose a bank that offers reliable interest. When planning your budget in Dubai list, opening a savings account with a bank that does not charge unreasonable fees should be among your top priorities.

Knowing how much you spend on essential items and services such as food will help you to make a plan on how much you want to spend.

Avoid Debt at any Costs
Sometimes, you might need to acquire a loan due to unavoidable circumstances, for example, one might need to undergo emergency treatment. In these circumstances, repaying a loan will be challenging. However, putting a higher down-payment compared to the cost of the loan will enable you to pay within a shorter period.

Save on Transport and Food
Living within your budget in Dubai is easy when you make a few changes in your routine. If your workplace is not far from your residence, you can opt to walk and save that transport money. You can also carry your packed lunch to work – this is not only a great way to eat healthily but it also helps you to save a reasonable amount of money.

Try Saving at Home
When grocery shopping, check the price tags for different brands and choose the one that is within your budget also avoid impulse buying. Your travel in Dubai will bring you across big malls and markets; however, it is important to stick to your budget.

Sometimes, the weather in Dubai can be extremely harsh, so you need to find ways of staying cool and hydrated on a budget – this is possible. Adjusting your air conditioner to “auto” will work better than when it’s put to “on” mode.

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