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Travel in Dubai: Health and Safety Dubai

Traveling to a different country requires you to make necessary arrangements to make sure that your health and safety are accounted for. Health in Dubai is of a higher standard seeing that life expectancy is 76 years and there is a low mortality rate. In case a tourist falls sick in their travel in Dubai, they can access both public and private healthcare. However, these facilities might differ their service fees. There are certain preparations you can make that will ensure your health and safety in Dubai.

Most countries will require you to go through certain health checks and procedures before traveling there, therefore, it is necessary to meet all the health regulations. For example, getting vaccinated against certain diseases especially if you are traveling from certain countries. Although things such as medical records, prescribed drugs, and medical insurance are not necessary, it is important to have them in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Although there are no vaccines required while traveling to some countries, it is advisable to comply with the recommendations of WHO and CDC vaccination regulations for those traveling to Dubai. Failure to comply with these requirements, your travel in Dubai will be terminated. Some of these vaccines include Hepatitis A to avoid infection through consumption of contaminated food or water. It is also possible for a person to spread this disease through their hands. For this vaccine to work effectively, it is important to consult your doctor to know when to take the dose. Hepatitis B vaccine is very necessary because infections can lead to lifelong severe illness in case it develops from acute to chronic. In fact, expats are tested by the law for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, tuberculosis and deported if they are infected.

Health in Dubai is among the most highly guarded priorities and like all other countries a typhoid vaccine is required. This is because typhoid is most likely to be spread where there are large crowds of people. Also, the emergence of drug resistant typhoid strains has made this vaccine necessary.

Another vaccine to get to ensure your health in Dubai is guaranteed is the polio vaccine. Most people infected with this disease show no signs and symptoms and can easily infect others through contact, ingesting contaminated food or water, and it can also be spread through the air when one sneezes or coughs.

Children and adults who have never been vaccinated against chickenpox are at a higher risk of getting infected. Children and adults receive different doses of chickenpox vaccines, for example, adults and those above 13 years only require two doses with a window period of a month between them while children require two doses between 12-15 months and 4-6 years.

Health Records and Prescribed Medication
Packing your health documents and prescribed medicines for your travel in Dubai will put you at a better position of receiving effective medical care. The doctor will offer treatment based on accurate information from your health history, conditions, vaccinations and tests. If you have a condition that requires you to take prescribed medication regularly, you will need to consult the UAE Ministry of Health to be allowed to bring them. Those who fail to do this are prosecuted according to the UAE law. To ensure your safety in Dubai, you simply have to comply with these regulations.

Health Insurance
Your health and safety in Dubai are guaranteed because The Medical Services and Health Department offers medical services for all UAE citizens, tourists, and expats. In order to access these services, you will need to acquire an official health card from the Dubai Health Authority.

As a tourist, your travel in Dubai should be characterized by a lot of traveling and sight-seeing. However, some people are worried about their safety in Dubai from scammers, pick-pockets, mugging, and natural disasters. These guidelines will shed light on some of the ways you can protect yourself:

Avoid Pickpockets
You cannot avoid public places, therefore, the only way to ensure your safety in Dubai is to be vigilant especially where there are many people; for example, in malls and when taking public transport. Some places like beaches also attract pick-pockets so ensure that you carry your belongings when you have nobody to attend to them. However, you don’t have to be worried about mugging because this rarely happens.

Some people take advantage of the large number of visitors to try and sell them several packages during their travel in Dubai, for example, some will try to get you to hire their car services or others might try to scam you by offering hotel packages. It is necessary to consult with an agent before making certain decisions. Also, staying at reliable well-known hotels will reduce the chances of such scams.

Natural Disasters and Weather Conditions
Although hurricanes, cyclones, and earthquakes are rare, being aware of weather patterns will ensure your safety in Dubai. Regular sandstorms are often experienced in certain areas so it is necessary to avoid them especially if you suffer from asthmas or other breathing conditions this will protect your health in Dubai.

During your travel in Dubai, you will realize that the country experiences extremely high temperatures compared to tropical countries. Investing in certain items such as sunscreen, a hat or cap will protect you from the harsh effects of the sun. There are times when violent thunderstorms occur in such cases ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the National Disaster Management Department. Doing this will assure your safety in Dubai also before traveling you can gather appropriate information that will help you in such situations.

To make your travel in Dubai unforgettable, you need to put your health and safety first. Adhering to international requirements for traveling is necessary. However, if your destination is Dubai, ensure that you comply will all the regulations of UAE. This is because the country is very conservative and certain behavior and failure to comply with the law is unacceptable. While visiting various places, ensure that you are vigilant at all times and inform the necessary authority in case of any accidents or natural disasters.

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