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Travel in Dubai: Formalities Before Departure

Whether you are an expat or a tourist leaving Dubai can seem like a challenging task. This is because the laws of UAE apply to all people in Dubai regardless of their nationalities. This means that before you leave Dubai, you have to comply with certain rules and regulations which might be different from the ones in your country of origin. However, the Sharia Law used is very accommodating to foreigners. You cannot use ignorance as an excuse for not following the regulations, therefore, it is necessary to educate yourself on what is expected of you.

The following are some of the things you are supposed to do before leaving Dubai:

Things Tourists Need to do Before Leaving Dubai

Many tourists choose to stay in luxurious hotels during their travel to Dubai. However, it is important to ensure that you clear all payments and leave the hotel room as good as you found it. Damaging property is an offense and you will be liable for your actions. You can also be banned to travel in Dubai.

During the day of departure, make sure that you have your passport and visa ready these documents should be valid. In case you lose any of them, it is necessary to inform your embassy right away. Ensure that you comply with all the rules at the airport to avoid any problems with the security personnel. Go through the necessary procedures such as checking in your luggage, going through security checks, and presenting your travel documents at the immigration desk. Following these simple procedures will make your travel in Dubai a memorable one.

When you are in Dubai, you have to comply with the law even if you are a tourist to avoid heavy fines and imprisonment. For example, you cannot use rude gestures or swear even in the airport – these acts are intolerable and could lead you to jail.

Dubai uses Sharia Law to govern all aspects of life. These laws are conservative and friendly to people of all nationalities and they apply to everybody as long as you are in the country. Observing these formalities in Dubai will keep you on the right side of the law.

How Expats Need to Prepare Themselves Before Departure
If you are an expat, you most likely rent a house in Dubai; and if you are leaving, there are certain things you need to do in order to ensure a smooth departure. You can either wait till your lease ends, break the lease earlier than expected or transfer it.

Being aware of the policies in Dubai will enable you to communicate with the landlord through your real estate company. This involves writing to the landlord 90 days before your tenancy contract ends, informing him that you will not extend your lease. You are not required to leave before the end of those 90 days.

If you want to break your lease earlier than expected, there are no formalities in Dubai for this so the only way would be for you to negotiate. You can do this by checking out the extra clauses contained in the tenancy contract. Most of these clauses require that the tenants hand over their rent for two or three months. Those who lived according to the regulations and requirements of the contract can convince the landlord to let them off without paying for those extra months. Leaving the house in good condition will enable you to be given your security deposit.

If you want to save money and you haven’t given any notifications for termination of your lease prior to your departure, you can transfer it to someone else. As long as there is another person taking over when you leave, the landlord will not mind. However, you will be required to pay a certain fee so that the agency can arrange the transfer.

Whatever brings an end to your travel in Dubai, whether it’s the expiry of your visa or an end to your work contract, it is always important to make sure that you get your money in order. You will need to clear all your debts, cancel your visa, and close your bank accounts.

Ensure that you clear all your outstanding debts so that you’re not arrested. Leaving or attempting to leave without paying your debts is viewed as a criminal offense and will most likely lead to detention. These formalities in Dubai ensure that you do not defraud anyone. Ensure that your employer pays your dues before leaving.

You should inform your employer if you intend to leave the country. You are required to hand over your passport for a short period as your residence visa is terminated. If you do not follow this procedure, you will be termed a fugitive and your travel in Dubai will be impossible.

You can either close all your bank accounts or you can transfer your cash to another bank, For example, if you are moving to another country and you own an account in one of the banks there, transferring your money will be the best option.

Sometimes, you can be a victim of clerical errors so ensure that you counter check and confirm that you have no debts. This will make sure that you are not blacklisted as a debtor on the immigration system. Your attempt to travel to Dubai in the future will be futile because you will be arrested and detained even if you are on transit.

Different schools have their own unique regulations for students’ transfer. For example, School formalities in Dubai might be different from those in Abu Dhabi. Also narrowing it down, not all schools in Dubai will have the same set of rules. Most schools might not refund the school fees; however, you can check with the school to find out their guidelines. Since your child will be transferring to another school, it is necessary to request letters of recommendation, report, certificates acquired during their stay and other non-academic achievements. These will help you to enroll your child easily to another school.

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