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Top 8 Experiences for a Weekend in Dubai

The reason Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world is the unity between traditional and modern aspects. Their rich culture is incorporated in modern activities and architecture which gives you a variety of things to do during your weekend in Dubai. You can spend the day sight-seeing, relaxing on the beach, exploring the amusement parks or going on an adventure in the desert.

Top 4 beautiful sites to see in a weekend in Dubai

Your travel in Dubai will bring you to different buildings and topographies with unique features. Some of these places will provide an expansive view of the city, while others will fascinate you with their designs. Below are some of the places you need to visit for your weekend in Dubai.

When you mention Dubai, Burj Al Arab is the first thing that comes to most people’s mind. Your Dubai trip cannot be complete without visiting this building. Burj Al Arab is located between the Palm Islands and Jumeirah beach, and it overlooks the Persian Gulf. The glass façade architectural design mimics the dhows that have sailed the city’s waterways for many years. It boasts of a man-made island that houses different high-end hotels. This building has the tallest foyer standing up to 600 feet.

Apart from the unique architecture, the hotels here are luxurious and have excellent services. For instance, some suites have revolving beds, and there is a helipad for those who travel by air. If the Burj Al Arab sounds too expensive for you, you can enjoy its elegance and services by dining in the on-site restaurants.

If you would like to visit a quiet and serene environment away from the skyscrapers and hooting cars, then you need to visit the Bastakiya Quarter. This is a historic village known for its fishing activities in the past.

Although this neighborhood is small, it is home to the famous Arabian Tea House Café and houses many art galleries that exhibit the work of both local and international artists. Some of the buildings have wind towers which capture the wind and help to cool the buildings.

Your weekend in Dubai cannot end without a visit to the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa has the highest viewing deck which will allow you to get a broad view of the city and its surroundings. The presences of unique telescopes enable you to view the city in different eras which give an insight into the history of the region.

As you travel in Dubai, you cannot fail to notice the beautiful white mosque towering over the coast. The unique architecture resembles the Fatimid medieval designs. This mosque is expansive and can house at least 1300 people.

An advantage of visiting the Jumeirah Mosque is that non-Muslims are allowed inside to view the beautifully adorned interior. Remember that you are required to dress decently and cover your head if you are a woman. If you don’t have the recommended attire, the mosque will provide you with some.

Top 4 fun activities to experience in a weekend in Dubai

You cannot spend a weekend in Dubai and get bored, your hotel room might be cozy and have a TV and WI-FI, but you need to step out and enjoy yourself. There are many theme parks and activities to do despite the warm temperatures. The following are some of the exciting activities you can try.

Skiing in Dubai seems impossible because of the hot temperatures, but you can engage in this fun activity in the Mall of Emirates. You can enjoy snowball fights, a snowboard zone, and toboggan runs.

The snow park gives you a polar experience with its snow cave and a mountain ride. Meeting the snow penguins will make your travel in Dubai more exciting. The penguin colony is trained to entertain guests. You can also enjoy other penguin experiences.

If you are a thrill seeker, the IMG World of Adventures will suit you. As the largest indoor theme park internationally, it consists of 22 unique rides and 4 different theme worlds, for instance, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard. These rides include favorite cartoon characters, and there is a zone dedicated to dinosaurs. There are different eateries where you can enjoy various delicacies.

A visit to the Wild Wadi Waterpark will make your weekend in Dubai a refreshing one. This park boasts of 30 water rides designed for all ages and there are also decent slides. If you love the rush of adrenaline, you can try the Tantrum Alley ride or the Lazy River if you prefer a calm experience.

The desert safari is not a ride you take around the desert. You get to engage in different fun activities such as quad riding, camel riding, and sand boarding. You can also indulge in a buffet dinner; watch the fire show and the Tanoura dancing. Your travel in Dubai would not be complete if you left the desert without henna tattoos and belly dancing.

Quad bike riding will allow you to drive fast through the sand without fear of injuries because the sand will cushion you. Sandboarding, on the other hand, is similar to snowboarding only here you do it on the sand. You cannot leave Dubai without riding a camel; they are called the ship of the desert for a reason. You can end your weekend in Dubai by having a tasty cuisine at the heart of the desert.

When you plan a trip to Dubai, you expect to see some of the beautiful topographies in the world, but there are also various activities you can engage in to make your trip exciting. You can visit some of the tallest building in the city to get a broad view of the region, or you can visit ancient villages to bask in their rich history. The various theme and amusement parks will keep you active during your weekend in Dubai.

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