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Top 10 Hotel Trends To Watch in 2023

2023 will see the further acceleration and evolution of long-term trends due to significant shifts in travelers’ needs and expectations, with a strong focus on wellbeing-driven demands.

Here are some of the top hotel trends to watch out for:

Adventure Tourism
Gen Z and Millennial travelers especially are passionate about adventures and extreme sports activities. Hotels situated near immersive nature experiences are well-poised to benefit from this trend in 2023.

Regenerative travel
In 2023, the focus will shift towards green positive and carbon neutral travel, as more and more tourists and travelers are asking what hotels, destinations and tour operators are doing for the environment.
Tour operators, tourism authorities and hotels will be tasked with repairing, restoring and investing in nature to keep pace with travelers’ interests and aspirations.
Exodus is a leading multinational travel company in this regard, with a pledge to go completely green by 2024.

Digital nomads
This trend are becoming an essential segment in the hospitality industry, and those hotels that are up to the challenge of creating experiences and spaces that will accommodate them will likely stand out from the competition.
Setting up your hotel for remote workers is as easy as having strong Wi-Fi, meeting space, a co-working area in your hotel’s lobby.
The more in-room features that you can provide that make guests feel at home, the longer they will stay at your hotel.

Life in the bosom of nature
An increasing number of travelers are turning to cottages and rustic cabins to get in touch with nature. These tiny havens are capitalizing on the modern aesthetic of camper van and tiny house living, attracting a much larger sector than ever.
In the Swiss Alps canton of Valais, traditional hikers’ huts are being upgraded in response to a surge in bookings from non-traditional users, especially post-pandemic. Meanwhile, Australia is set to see the completion of a large network of holiday cabins in remote areas in 2023.

More and more guests will look to stay at hotels that prioritize sustainable offerings. This could mean choosing hotels that have eco-certifications and other measures like providing eco-friendly amenities, using sustainable cleaning products, being energy-efficient, and conserving water. For 2023, think about what your hotel can do to prioritize the environment.

Passion for Railways
Convenience, affordability and a low carbon footprint are all helping to bring train travel back into the limelight in 2023.
As travelers look to become greener, private companies are reviving the passion for night train travel across Europe.
Among the remarkable initiatives is what is being done by Night jet, an international consortium led by the Austrian company Ă–BB, which describes its services as offering a “new generation of sleeper trains”. It connects Vienna, Munich and Paris; and Amsterdam and Zurich via Cologne.

Destinations enhanced by virtual world
The pandemic has forced travel and destination management companies to join technology in new and exciting ways.
The untapped potential of augmented and virtual reality has come as an opportunity to enhance the travel experience during the pandemic. It became possible to tour a medieval city with cobbled streets in Romania, or join the ice baths in Helsinki or shop in the souks in Marrakech, without leaving the tourist home.
In Paris, for example, Eternal Notre Dame VR allows groups to tour the vast 850-year history of the cathedral in a more engaging way than a traditional exhibition could.

“NFT” tokens
Non-fungible codes are now sweeping the travel industry as well, with various airlines around the world joining the technology fad and launching their own non-fungible code products.
Entrepreneurial companies use it as a way to unlock authentic travel experiences around the world.
While these symbols are understandable to be present in the luxury travel market, providing an added level of exclusivity, they are also used as a way to support and encourage donation and fund sustainability projects.
In Bhutan, for example, the new Trans Bhutan Trail company has launched a set of tokens to fund sustainability projects along the railway route and offer exclusive experiences to travelers.

Green destinations
With rising fuel prices and increasing demand for low-carbon activities, the electric travel market will boom in 2023.
After the recent global boom of e-bikes, electric-powered scooter tours, snowboarding, boat trips and safaris are starting to move in the same direction.
In 2022, Sky scanner introduced an electronic car rental service on its website, making it easier to find electric-powered rental cars. While Hertz has created a guide to 15 all-electric road trips across Europe.
It also saw the launch of recharge – the first hotel booking platform for electric vehicle travelers.

Active Travel
After the radical shift towards working from home, millions of people have become more settled in their daily lives. This new global environment will make those working remotely or according to a hybrid model seeking more activity in 2023.
As a result, the active travel; which usually focuses on outdoor experiences, such as hiking, cycling, swimming and running, will see a boom.

Stereotypical travel experiences no longer exist today. Personalized service has always been a hallmark of luxury travel, but travel companies now, offering unique experiences with individual character to their guests, regardless of budget.
This includes unique QR codes for contactless actions, vegan options for breakfast or a wider range of activities.
This also, goes for guest’s marketing emails, customizing all messages and promotions, as well as his in-room experience.
Whether it’s a pillow or blanket menu, a welcome gift or message, or asking for your guests’ temperature preferences beforehand, the more you can tailor the guest experience, the more you will stand out.

Think local
Working with local designers, local artisans and offering locally sourced food at your hotel’s breakfast buffet will do wonders for your brand, not to mention for the environment. This also means finding ways to involve the local community to help make them an integral part of your hotel experience.

Social Aspect
The social aspect of travel is likely to increase in importance in the 2023, noting that multi-generational travel flourished in 2022, as travelers sought to relive beautiful and precious moments with their loved ones after two years of isolation.