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The Best Road Trips in the UAE

UAE is home to beautiful scenery and landscapes from the shores to the desert dunes. Instead of spending your time indoors, you can go on the best road trips in UAE for an unforgettable experience. The region has awesome road trips from mountain ranges, desert dunes to pristine shores. These are short drives which make

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Dubai World Records

Dubai is the city of extraordinary events and things from the world’s biggest shopping mall to the largest building. One of the many reasons to visit Dubai is that this city does not shy away from challenges. When it comes to breaking world records, Dubai is always on the frontline with big things and ideas.

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Culture and Arts in Dubai Travel in UAE

Dubai’s arts and culture scene are always developing with the emergence of new players and the audience. Numerous art galleries cover various genres, which are accompanied by art exhibitions, events, and programs that support existing and new artists. You will have something to see and enjoy in Dubai from street art, graffiti, music, and delicious

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Activities, Sports and Leisure in Dubai

Dubai is known as a top travel destination because of its natural beauty, architecture, sites, and infrastructure. However, most of the top attractions are fun activities, sports, and leisure interests of different visitors. Dubai is the ultimate tourist getaway with unique activities, water, and theme parks to fulfil your fantasies. There are numerous activities to

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