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Must Try Bucket List Activity in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities in the world that tourists love. Dubai is a travel destination that attracts visitors from around the globe. You might think Dubai is all about the desert, skyscrapers, and fast cars, but there’s more to this magnificent city. The best time to travel to Dubai is between November and February; there are many events and entertainment. If you don’t like crowds, you can visit the city in March, April, September, and October these months have holidays with fewer crowds. This shows that there’s something to do every month. 

Things to Know about Seasons when Traveling to Dubai 

Although Dubai does not experience the 4 seasons, the weather mimics these seasons. Dubai is a desert, and unlike other parts of the world, it does not experience spring. However, the city experiences the perfect weather for travelers. Spring in Dubai happens in March and April, and it’s one of the best seasons to travel to Dubai. 

Dubai experiences a long summer from June to August. The days are longer, and the nights are shorter. The days experience more than 13 hours of sunlight; this makes it convenient for late evening and early morning ventures. 

Autumn happens in September and October, but unlike what you would experience in the West, the city gets a drop in temperatures. The scorching summer heat ends, and you can explore outdoor activities. 

Winter happens from November to February; this is the perfect time to visit the city if you hate the snow. You get to enjoy exploring short distances on foot and other outdoor activities. There are also numerous festivities, events, and entertainment at this time of the year. 

Must Try Bucket List Activities in Dubai 

List Activity in Dubai

You can never run out of fun activities to do in Dubai. The city has unique surprises for you that you cannot find anywhere else. The list below contains activities you must try when you visit Dubai; 

Outdoor Activities 

One of the things that should not miss on your Dubai bucket list is at least one outdoor activity. If you like simple but fun activities, you can go camping. You can camp at various places in Dubai, for instance, Ajman Desert, which experiences cooler temperatures compared to other deserts in the region. One of the most popular places to camp in Dubai is the Al Qudra Lakes. This is because you can camp with kids. Another outdoor activity is hiking; Visit the Jebel Jais and trek to the highest peak and discover the hidden oasis. 


When you’ve settled in your hotel in Dubai, you can go out and engage in countless watersports. If you’re a thrill-lover, try flyboarding, where you will be propelled out of the water by a turbine. You can also go kayaking and view the beautiful mangroves and nature. If you want a more challenging experience, try kitesurfing or parasailing. If you want a challenging sport, go surfing but be sure to get lessons first. 

Desert Pursuits 

There are numerous desert activities for everyone to try, for instance, dune bashing. This activity involves off-roading in sand dunes in a big vehicle like the Toyota Land Cruiser. You should maneuver the vehicle to maintain balance in the sand; this is a fun and thrilling activity. 

You can also ride a camel, which is the most traditional and authentic way of exploring the desert. You will experience the beautiful desert views as you watch the sunset. Sand ski is another fun desert activity to try. You can enjoy gliding through the extensive desert with dunes as high as 200 meters. You cannot leave the desert without quad biking, which is an amazing activity. 

Another fun activity to include in your bucket list is a hot air balloon safari. This gives you the perfect view of the desert as it drifts through beautiful sites. You can also spot some of the desert wildlife, like gazelles. 

Extreme Sports 

If you love to feel the rush of adrenaline flowing through your body, you can try extreme sports. Try skydiving, which is one of the most popular sports in Dubai. The beautiful and futuristic landscape makes skydiving even more interesting. Bungee jumping is also another extreme sport to include on your Dubai bucket list. Dubai gravity zone makes bungee jumping a must-try activity. 

If you are more courageous, you can try shark diving. Dubai is full of surprises, and the Dubai Mall is attracting adventure lovers to this extreme sport. The mall has a large aquarium tank, where individuals who are 10 years and above can swim with sharks and other aquatic creatures. 

Microlighting is another extreme sport for you to try. This is a fixed-winged lightweight aircraft that’s designed to land at low speed. It is usually a single or 2-seater craft that allows you a 15-minute flying trip. Individuals who are 14 years and above can experience this unique activity. 


Your bucket list would not be complete without visiting several themes and water parks in Dubai. The IMG World of Adventure is a record-holder for the world’s biggest indoor theme park. It covers 1.5 million square feet, and it has many features and entertainment, like dinosaurs and superheroes. There is an action-packed Marvel Zone, where you can enjoy your favorite characters like Spider-Man and Thor. Also, kids can have fun at the Cartoon Network Zone. 

You can also explore some of the water parks, like the Wild Wadi. The wide range of rides has an exotic Arabian touch, which makes the experience unique. There are artificial surfing machines, an 18-meter waterfall that goes off after every 10 minutes, and multiple water slides. This water park has fun activities for the whole family. If these don’t feel thrilling enough for you, try the Jumeirah Sceirah plunge. 


Dubai is more than sand, skyscrapers, and smooth infrastructure. There are countless fun activities to do for everyone. Whether you love the desert, water, or indoors, Dubai has something for you to try. The best about visiting Dubai is you can always try a new activity every time.