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Culture and Arts in Dubai Travel in UAE

Dubaiā€™s arts and culture scene are always developing with the emergence of new players and the audience. Numerous art galleries cover various genres, which are accompanied by art exhibitions, events, and programs that support existing and new artists. You will have something to see and enjoy in Dubai from street art, graffiti, music, and delicious street food. The evolving cultural scene includes heritage events, jazz, classical, and pop musical gatherings.

Understanding Culture and Arts in Dubai

The government continues to put effort to promote and preserve the cityā€™s heritage while creating awareness to both the locals and the visitors. They promote culture in Dubai through events and festivals, which allow the new generation to have first-hand experience.

There are also heritage villages, which consist of complex structures, such as schools, houses, public spaces, and markets. Museums have always preserved the culture and art in Dubai. These museums contain artwork, utensils, rare pictures, maritime equipment, armory, and much more.

Where to Experience Culture and Arts in Dubai

Culture and Arts in Dubai Travel in UAE

From galleries easily incorporated in hotels to unique street art, Dubai is home to both culture and local art designs. The following are ways to experience this unique heritage:

Dubai Street Museum

Leave your hotel in Dubai and experience the beautiful street art. In 2016, street artists were invited to create murals celebrating the Emirateā€™s cultural heritage. They used 16 of the buildings in the 2nd December Street in Satwa as their blank canvas. This public art initiative was known as the ā€˜Dubai Street Museum, which included enormous falcons, fishermen, children, and several stories.

Coffee Museum

The Emirates are known for their love of coffee that is why if you really want to experience culture in Dubai you ought to visit the Coffee Museum. You get to taste a cup of java as you learn more about the various roasting and brewing methods from all over the world. This museum is located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, where both locals and visitors converge and bring different cultures together for the love of caffeine. The museum showcases the importance of coffee to the Emirates.

Alserkal Avenue

Whenever you want to see the art in Dubai, Alserkal Avenue does not disappoint. There are dozens of art galleries, cafes, a cinema, art space, and a chocolate factory. This avenue is known as Dubaiā€™s creative hub, although it started as a small block of warehouses housing only 20 art galleries. Alserkal Avenue has evolved to nearly 50,000sqm urban art hub, fashion, music, and food center. It also accommodates important programs and cultural events such as Art Dubai and Art Nights.

Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District also known as D3 is home to many design galleries. For instance, it includes contemporary art gallery Citizen E, Photography gallery East Wing, and creative incubator AR.Gallery. This is a great way to experience art in Dubai as you wander around and view the sculptors, the majilis style seating, and interactive spaces. You can also join one of the many workshops happening each month.

Dubai Opera

This is a world-class performing arts venue located in downtown Dubai. This is the place to witness culture in Dubai in the form of opera, ballet, theater musicals, jazz, rock, pop, and comedy. The building is dhow-shaped, the traditional sailing vessel of the Emiratis. The main theater has a capacity of up to 2000 people and is configured in different styles. Located southwest of Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Opera acts as the centerpiece of the Downtown Dubai Opera District.

Madinat Theater

There are many places to learn about the culture in Dubai; for instance, Madinat Theater in the heart of Souk Madinat where you can watch the worldā€™s best performers. The theater is designed in the shape of an ancient Arabian citadel and has a capacity of 442 seats. Madinat Theater was the first to be built in Dubai. The stunning design allows the audience to enjoy clear views of the stage, creating a more engaging experience. The varying schedule offers different entertainment ranging from Shakespeareā€™s plays, smash-hit Broadways musicals, and international comedy. You can also enjoy small-scale performances from classical concerts, pantomime, and opera.


The XVA Art Hotel has 14 guest rooms which display cultural and architectural motifs of Emirates. Apart from the international art gallery, the hotel has an award-winning restaurant. You can experience the culture in Dubai in a unique way by visiting the XVA Art Hotel which is located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, which is the oldest community in Dubai.

Donā€™t just wander around your hotel in Dubai, visit this unique place and experience the Persian architectural heritage and wander around the conventional maze-like alleyways. During summer, the 3 courtyards in the public areas are air-conditioned and tree-shaded to provide a serene environment for artists, poets, and visitors.

Theater by QE2

This renovated world-class cruise liner is not only a permanent hotel, but it boasts of a 515 seater theater. The QE2 was known for her world-class entertainment, but the introduction of a theater enriches her legacy as a floating hotel.

Al Seef

Another way to experience the culture in Dubai is to visit Al Seef, which is located near Dubai Creek. Here, beautiful traditions merge with modern designs. Al Seef pays homage to Dubai Creekā€™s beginnings as the coastal pear-diving base. The 2.5 million square foot building is divided into 2 sections; a heritage center showcasing old architecture, which then merges into a second space featuring more traditional structures.

The best way to take in the beauty of this place is to go on a cultural tour of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, then walking to Al Seef. Explore the beautiful walkways, a dining boulevard, and fully-functional marina.


Apart from the many things you can see and places to visit in Dubai, you can learn about the Emiratesā€™ arts and culture. There are numerous art galleries promoting upcoming and existing artists as well as graffiti, murals, and sculptors. The culture is all over the city from the buildings, food, dressing, and songs. You might enjoy staying at your hotel in Dubai, however, going outdoors will be more fun.