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Cuisine, Gastronomy and Beverages in UAE – Tourism in Dubai

The essence of travelling to a big city like Dubai is not only for sightseeing, but you get to interact with the locals and enjoy their rich culture and dishes. The cuisine in Dubai makes it look like food heaven, and even if you are not a food lover, numerous dishes will satisfy your palate. Apart from the delicious traditional dishes, there are cuisines from different parts of the world, for instance, Indian curries, Italian pasta, and Iranian kebabs. However, traditional food and beverages stand out because of their unique and rich flavors.

Dubai Cuisine and Gastronomy
We all desire to eat good food, that’s why before taking a trip we ask about the cuisine. With the rich culture and luxurious hotels with celebrity and high-end chefs, gastronomy in Dubai will be a memorable experience. We have compiled a list of some of the famous delicacies that you must try.

Do you love pizza? If you do, then you have to try manousheh which is the local pizza. It is an excellent pick for a delicious breakfast because of the healthy ingredients; for instance, the dough is filled with cheese, salt Akkawi, olive oil, and Zaatar herbs. You can have this dish with sweet jam, sour labneh or minced lamb.

This dish is similar to Indian Biryani; the only difference is the combination of various spices which produce a sweet aroma and an exquisite taste. Spices like turmeric, cardamom, saffron, and cumin are among the many used to make this dish. As you experience gastronomy in Dubai, you will realize the secret ingredient in this dish is a dried lemon. This addition brightens the dish and enhances the flavor.

You can’t say you have experienced the cuisine in Dubai without trying luqaimat which is a popular dessert. The dumplings are deep-fried and then soaked in date syrup. The combination of dumplings and dates will satisfy your sweet tooth.

We love bread because we can have it at any time. Iranian Sangak is delicious and is one of the most famous foods in Dubai. The good thing about this leavened bread is that it can be made gluten-free which is a healthy choice. The gastronomy in Dubai includes eating this meal with Bulgarian feta and basil.

Since the weather is warm in this region, you might decide to have a light meal. Tabbouleh is a famous cuisine in Dubai not only because of its health benefits but because of its exquisite flavor. This salad is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, lemon juice, and mint. You don’t have to worry about dehydration or energy loss. You can add flavored blueberry to enhance the flavor.

If you are a vegetarian and wondering where you can get a delicious meal, various top-notch hotels offer dishes such as shrini polo. This delicacy is made of basmati rice, nuts, currants, carrots, raisins, and chicken. This is a delicious dish to sample for your gastronomy in Dubai. Pistachio ice-cream is an excellent dessert to have after this meal.

This is a deep-fried pastry made out of fava beans and chickpeas and is among the most famous foods in Dubai. Although this dish is common, you should ask the waiter about the ingredients because different restaurants have unique recipes. Eat falafel with pita or baba genus, and you will have the best cuisine in Dubai.

If the warm temperatures are making you crave sweet foods, then you can try mahalabiya which is a local dessert. As you conduct your gastronomy in Dubai, you should sample this pudding made with pistachios and a dash of rose water. Warming will destroy the rich flavor that is why it is served cold.

Beverages in Dubai

Most times, people focus on the food and forget that Dubai has some unique beverages that you can only have here. These beverages are delicious and refreshing which make it convenient for the warm weather.

Below is a list of some of the beverages you can taste in Dubai:

This beverage has a rich aromatic scent that lingers in the streets of Dubai. Arabian coffee is made with spices such as cardamom, cloves, cumin, and saffron which give it a strong aroma and delicious flavor. This beverage is viewed as a symbol of Arabian hospitality that is why they serve it from a classic coffee pot, adorned in gold or silver and poured in small cups. The locals usually have it with fresh dates.

The best thing about visiting Dubai is the warm weather which allows you to enjoy cold drinks. Jellab is a classic beverage made from grape molasses with rose water, and you can top it with raisins.

Qamardeen is a thick drink made from dried apricot paste. It is a favorite drink in homes and can be shared between friends. You can sample and learn how to make these beverages as a part of your gastronomy in Dubai.

Although the Emirates is famous for coffee, tea has taken root and gained a lot of popularity among the local and the tourists. Karak chai is made by mixing exotic spices and is served in many restaurants in Dubai.

Laban is famous because of its high protein content and is made from buttermilk. You can have it plain or add dates, spices or rose water to enhance the flavor. Because of its creamy nature, many restaurants are using it in creative ways to flavor their dishes.

You cannot visit a new area and leave without trying the local delicacies. Since Dubai has a rich culture, you can be assured that you will have a different meal every day. Some dishes are eaten as main meals while others are desserts, but all of them are delicious and unique to this region. You can get some of these foods from street vendors. Although Dubai is known for its delicious food, there are many beverages you can try on your next visit.

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