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Top 10 Hotel Trends To Watch in 2023

2023 will see the further acceleration and evolution of long-term trends due to significant shifts in travelers’ needs and expectations, with a strong focus on wellbeing-driven demands. Here are some of the top hotel trends to watch out for: Adventure Tourism Gen Z and Millennial travelers especially are passionate about adventures and extreme sports activities.

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2023.. Tourism boom in SAUDI & Dubai.. Goodbye Covid 19

After hit and run, global tourism and the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Dubai are able to regain most of the lands lost to the epidemic and approach the levels before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, with expectations that the tourism sector in 2023 will exceed the levels before the epidemic. The

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Must Try Bucket List Activity in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities in the world that tourists love. Dubai is a travel destination that attracts visitors from around the globe. You might think Dubai is all about the desert, skyscrapers, and fast cars, but there’s more to this magnificent city. The best time to travel to Dubai is between November and February; there are many events and

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Why Dubai is the Best City to Live

Living in the UAE is different compared to other cities. Dubai is home to people of different nationalities, has zero income tax, and is flashier than New York and London for party-lovers. There is never a dull day in Dubai, where the skies are mostly blue. Did you know that Dubai has a Minister of State for Happiness?

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